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GROIN INJURY - International Tennis Federation

The injury usually occurs at the junction between the muscle and tendon or at the tendon attachment to the pelvic bone. Fig 1. Groin injury The adductor langus is the muscle which is most frequently affected. Groin injuries often occur when playing tennis, as the side to side movements and sudden stops and changes of direction require a strong contraction of the adductors.

Groin Injury Prevention for Tennis Athletes - TennisPrehabLab

More specifically, adductor (groin) strains are listed as one of the most frequent injuries in elite junior tennis players (2,3). Adductor strains occur during movements involving quick acceleration or rapid change of direction when paired with extreme hip abduction, such as split type movements in which the leg moves away from the body, or also large hip external rotation.

Abdominal and groin injuries in tennis - PubMed

Abstract. Although abdominal and groin injuries are not unique to the game of tennis, the very mechanics of the ground stroke and overhead volley predispose participants in this sport to the chronic pain and frustration of these injuries. Careful consideration must be given not only to the muscular anatomy of the region but also to the visceral and neurologic anatomy.

Andy Murray out of Miami Open with 'freak' groin injury

Andy Murray out of Miami Open with 'freak' groin injury. Last week, it was announced that former world No. 1 Andy Murray would receive a wildcard entry into the Miami Open running from Monday ...

Chronic obscure groin pain is commonly caused by enthesopathy ...

Chronic obscure groin pain is commonly caused by enthesopathy: 'tennis elbow' of the groin. Forty-nine patients with chronic obscure groin pain, bilateral in four, presented to one general surgeon in a 12-month period. Inflammation ('enthesopathy') at the pubic insertion of the inguinal ligament was the cause in 30 patients (32 groins).

Groin Strain: Symptoms, Treatments, and Recovery Time

Overview. A groin strain is an injury or tear to any of the adductor muscles of the thigh. These are the muscles on the inner side of the thigh. Sudden movements usually trigger an acute groin ...

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Symptoms include: Sudden sharp pain Swelling Bruising Weakness Stiffness Pain or difficulty stretching or flexing the muscle Spasms or cramping

Common Types of Groin Injury - Sports-health

Common Types of Groin Injury Avulsion fracture. . An avulsion fracture occurs when the tendons that connect muscles to bone are torn at the... Osteitis pubis. . This condition’s symptoms are similar to adductor strain, but the injury is different. Instead of a... Inguinal hernia. . Inguinal hernia ...

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