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30 Basketball Dribbling Drills - For Coaches & Players

Here are a few fun dribbling drills that are good for beginners: 3 Fun Drills: Pirate Dribbling, Mr Fox, and Coin Drops. Competitive Cone Touch Dribbling. Fun Dribbling Drills for All Ages. Basketball should be fun. By making the drills fun, players are motivated, improve, and look forward to practice.

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Dribbling is a fundamental basketball skill that requires hand-eye coordination, good timing, and practice. Mastering the dribble can help you protect the ball from your opponent and advance the ball to the hoop to score points.

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Dribbling with distraction improves your focus and multitasking skills. Exercise Set-Up: Step 1: Walk across the court while dribbling. Step 2: Talk with a teammate while dribbling. Step 3: Shake your teammates hand while dribbling. Crossover-Dribbling This basketball dribbling drill is regularly used by professional players.

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15. Power Dribble Between The Legs Behind the back Right Hand Starting with the ball in your right hand do a hard power dribble and then immediately after take the ball between your legs then behind your back, do this motion 50 times. 16. Power Dribble Between The Legs Behind the back Left Hand

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Between the Legs. Dribble the basketball in your dominant hand and step with your opposite foot. As you step, push the basketball towards the ground in the space you’ve created between your feet. While this is happening, be ready to catch the ball in the same dribbling motion with your opposite hand.

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Dribbling in basketball technique. Use the fingertips, and not the palms of the hand. Keep the head and eyes up - do not look at the ball. learn to use both hands.

How to Dribble a Basketball (7-Step Guide + Drills)

Step #1 - Spread and Relax Your Fingers. The first step in learning how to dribble a basketball is to relax your fingers and make sure they’re spread out evenly on the basketball. Young kids have a tendency to keep their fingers together unless they’re taught otherwise.

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