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  • Dry, wet and cryogenic grinding with up to 30 Hz for high energy grinding
  • Fast and comfortable sample processing with two screw lock jars of up to 125 ml each
  • Patented hermetically closed fluid system ensures the safe operation of thermal fluids
  • Wide range of accessories available, including ventilation lids and heavy-metal-free grinding jars (also for cryogenic grinding)
  • Ergonomic jar clamping, low noise level, user friendly parameter setting via touch display
  • Continuous temperature monitoring throughout a grinding process
  • Cooling and heating in a range from - 100 to 100 °C
  • Operation is possible with liquid nitrogen or other thermal fluid
  • High flexibility in terms of selecting a tempering device for temperature regulation (LN2 supply, cryostat, chiller, …).
  • Low temperature grinding is possible without LN2

poker rules holdem,The cooling and heating of the sample material is realized with the patented concept of thermal plates, making sample cooling with, e. g., open liquid nitrogen baths or dry ice obsolete. For tempering, the grinding jars are simply placed on top of the thermal plates. When the grinding jars come in contact with the thermal plates, heat is effectively transferred from or to the jars via the tempering device. The patented hermetically sealed fluid design allows to operate the mill with different thermal fluids, ensuring a flexible and safe temperature regulation and requiring only minimal effort for the user. Depending on the operational setup that is built up, the temperature of the thermal plates can be set in the range from - 100 to + 100 °C. 

Mixer Mill MM 500 control: 1. Temperature regulation with liquid nitrogen

Setup 2: Operation with an external tempering device; e.g. water tap, chiller or thermostat.,volleyball nations league women's

Mixer Mill MM 500 control: 2. Cooling or heating with a liquid thermal fluid
Cooling can be used for example:
  • Preserving temperature-sensitive analytes (like volatile substances or pharmaceutical and food ingredients)
  • Embrittlement
  • Wet grinding below room temperature
  • Mechanochemistry

lotto247 app download,Some applications are improved if the sample material is heated up during the process. Examples for heating are:

  • Paste making (in food industry)
  • Intensifying mechanochemical reactions

prince harry diana tennis coach,The required temperatures and the operational setup depend on the specific application.

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Mixer Mill MM 500 control: Accessories for maximum flexibility
Mixer Mill MM 500 control: Accessories for maximum flexibility 2

basketball shoes kobe 11,As the MM 500 control can be used with or without cooling, the mill offers a wide variety of applications. It can be used to homogenize, for example, waste, soil, chemical products, coated tablets, drugs, ores, grain, tissue, glass, hair, ceramics, bones, plastics, alloys, minerals, oil seeds, plants, sewage sludge, pills, textiles, wool etc.  

volleyball world best player,To find the best solution for your sample preparation task, visit our application database:

The grinding jars of the mixer mill MM 500 control perform radial oscillations in a horizontal position. The inertia of the grinding balls causes them to impact with high energy on the sample material at the rounded ends of the grinding jars and pulverize it. High energy milling is possible by operating at high frequencies up to 30 Hz. The movement of the grinding jars combined with the movement of the balls further causes grinding effects due to friction and additionally result in an effective mixing of the sample. The degree of mixing can be increased even further by using several smaller balls.  ,tennis meetup albany ny